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My name is Jermaine Aroma. And my artist name is Jacop, the storytelling photo artist.

I am a visual artist and photographer, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jacop stands for Jermaine Aroma’s concepts practice. A name that comes from a time when I worked in the field of communication.

The purpose of my artworks is to contribute positively to the self-image of men and women. I’m a photographer myself. But I also do postproduction. And I am also committed to (personal branding) photography and art direction. And I write concepts that put creativity and visual aesthetics first.

I have worked in the field of professional dance and communication for years. The result of this is that I know how to properly present yourself. After my dance career came to an end I found my passion in making photo artworks. By buying a photo camera one day. As a person who was on stage myself, I learned to deal with my creativity differently, with my artworks that are the result.

<strong>As a self-taught person, I also find it important to always keep learning, to try new things. And surprise myself. I have now been active as a visual artist for years. And I am grateful when I start a new project every time again. </strong>

I’m open to innovative projects and collaborations, on a freelance basis. That can be as a photographer. But also as a storyteller or art director. I don’t shy away from challenges.

I look forward to working with you. Send me an email for all your questions: